The Mage War


The Mage War is the name of a period of time in which the mundane populace of Altera rebelled against their rules, the Mages. In this rebellion, the mundane populace took advantage of internal fragmentation of the Mages to kill or subdue the majority of them. This is the event that gave its name to the current Era.

Leading up to the War

The period preceding the war was marked by the rule of the Mages, a powerful organization of Mage Guilds. The Mages had earlier taken over all of the nations in Altera, and using a combination of their overwhelming military might composed of shaped creatures and control over information they repressed the majority of Humans in Altera.
However, due to internal fragmentation between the various guilds, as well as a plot by one of the more influential of the Guilds to take ultimate power over the rest, The Mages became embroiled in an internal power struggle that lasted for several years. With their attentions turned inwards, various groups that they had repressed began to reform. These groups, known later collectively as The Founders, declared simultaneously their independence from and war against the Mages.

During the War

The war started off relatively quietly; with the attentions of the Mages turned in on themselves, most of the early ‘battles’ of the war were simply removals of the offices of the mages in various cities. However, as reports of uprisings came back to the various Mage Guilds, the Mages began to fight back. By the time this happened it was already too late for the Mages; the movement had started simultaneously across the entire continent and the Mages were fighting both rebels and themselves. Each Guild decided to pursue their own ends, fighting independently of the other Guilds. As such, battles quite often turned into melees between rebels and several different Guilds.

As the rebels managed to win more and more battles against the Mages, more and more of the shaped creatures of the Mages army began to roam free, killing everything that crossed their paths. At this point, surrounded by their own creations and a rebelling populace the Mages decided to surrender. The rebels then proceeded to push remains of the shaped creatures army north, with plans to build a wall to keep the vast hoards out.

After the War

After pushing the few mages and their remaining armies north across the Bridge of Galhard, the rebel troops dug in and started construction of the Wall.

The Mage War

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